Carmella Baynie, award winning vocalist and composer, caught a generationʼs attention with her first hit single Sweet Silence, which charted in Australia, South East Asia and Japan during the mid 90ʼs.

Throughout Carmellaʼs accomplished career, she opened for artists as diverse as Eartha Kitt, Daryl Braithwaite, Jenny Morris, Tex Perkins, Paul Capsis and composed for Top 10 artists from China, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Carmella performed sacred music in Latin and Aramaic as a soloist from the age of seven years old. An initiated practitioner of meditation (Osho) and yoga (ashtanga, sivananda yoga, kiyoga) since 1984 and was introduced to Bhakti Yoga and chanting in 1993. She became an accredited yoga teacher, attaining her teacher training in South India in the Sivananda tradition.
Carmella also became an accredited voice teacher in 2002.

As Carmellaʼs commitment to the practice of Bhakti intensified, she was initiated into bhakti in the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition. Carmella developed a teaching model called Voice in Yoga, assisting people from all walks of life, to awaken to the sacred within, and to release the inner voice. This practice is being utilised and taught in several countries. Carmella teaches actors, singers, yoga teachers, religious and fitness instructors, teachers, coaches and anyone for whom the voice is the definitive tool of the trade, using meditation and yoga as the basis for her training.

Carmella holds a particular passion for working in the field of interfaith – finding and sharing the commonality between all traditions. Carmella has been teaching yoga and meditation to the Muslim community in Western Sydney with Auburn City Council, for the past four years In 2002 Carmella was invited to study Classical Indian music in Vrindavan and Mayapur in India. She is now one of Australiaʼs most popular and sought after kirtan singers, travelling the world, performing and running her innovative workshops, particularly in Asia, China, India, New Zealand and the USA.

“Her music beautifully showcases Carmellaʼs impassioned and angelic voice and the result is both moving and inspirational” – Wellbeing Magazine

“Beautiful voice! Beautiful spirit! The music on this CD evokes higher realms, the kind frequented by angelic beings and devas. It reaches slightly higher too – to that devotional realm we might actually call ʻhomeʼ” – Steven J Rosen, author – The Yoga of Kirtan

“Beautiful music! Wonderful production! May many people be blessed by listening to her music!” – Deva Premal

“Carmella has a lustrous and vibrant voice and presence. I would sing with her anytime, anywhere!” – Dave Stringer

“A hauntingly beautiful blend of devotional music.ʼ – Australian Yoga Life

Sacred Voice Workshops

A gifted voice, yoga and meditation facilitator, Carmella presents Voice in Yoga, Born Singing and Sacred Choir – dynamic and enriching workshops on the discovery of the Holistic Voice in union with mind, body and spirit, in a deeply supportive environment. Carmella presents these popular workshops around the world, with participants experiencing profound breakthroughs in the way in which they express through speech and song.

“Truly liberating! Carmella has given me a taste for singing from the soul and I definitely want more!” – Rosamond Burton – Sunday Telegraph, Australian National Publication

“Carmella Baynie has been working with BodyMindLife Yoga’s Teacher Training program for the past four years, teaching Voice In Yoga to our trainees.
Carmella’s vast experience as a yoga teacher, voice coach and professional singer culminates in a profoundly inspirational workshop that allows participants to free their natural voice through a series of practical exercises. Her compassion as a teacher allows students to work through any physical and/or emotional blockages that hold them back in experiencing the power of their voices and their own self-expression. By attending these workshops, our students have expressed feelings of empowerment and freedom.
Carmella also leads uplifting and inspirational kirtans both at BodyMindLife studios, and at our retreats and teacher trainings. Her devotion is so palpable, through her ability to take people on a journey into the space of the heart.” – Nicole Goodwin, director – Body Mind Life Yoga Australia